Covering vicious attacks, conservation, survivor stories and examining a shark’s anatomy, each episode of Shark (w/t) looks at different aspect of one of the planet’s most feared predators.

Shark Image C5

Filmed in Florida, viewers will learn from experts about how the predators hunt and how this has been honed over thousands of years, as well as what conservation efforts can be done to ensure the animal can survive. There will also be first-hand shark attack survivor stories, brought to life by UCG and archive.

The series features three ground-breaking dives without cages, taking viewers closer to the sharks during the ‘dusk’ danger hour to face them when they are most active, with an events team of specialist divers who will free swim with as many sharks as possible.

The latest order comes as C5 has recently upped its natural history orders with two docs from True to Nature starring Steve Backshall titled Hippo Watch and Croc Watch.

It will play over three nights, with commissioning editor at Chanel 5 Federico Ruiz saying that it is a “visceral, thrilling, white-knuckle ride.”

The executive producers for Crackit on Shark (w/t) are Elaine Hackett and Jon Connerty, with Hackett adding that “Each episode will be a mixture of shocking and terrifying stories with plenty of teeth and bite – but always reminding us why we need to value and look after these extraordinary beasts and why they remain a valued part of the ecosystem.”

Exec producing for GroupM Motion Entertainment is Melanie Darlaston while Andrew Robertson acts as series editor.