Holiday Travel Nightmares

1x90' for Channel 5

Holiday travel can be stressful at the best of times, but at the worst of times, it can be an absolute nightmare. We’ve got first-hand accounts from people whose holidays failed to get off the ground. From airport chaos to delays from hell. There’s terror in the skies and on the ground in this 90-minute special narrated by Michael Buerk.

A mum goes through hell when her dream holiday to Egypt is cancelled by text just as she and her family are arriving at the airport. Another family relive their 9-hour wait at the airport only to be told their holiday is cancelled at the departure gate. They then have to endure even more waiting for their luggage to be offloaded from the plane, and a long queue back through immigration although they haven’t even left the country!

A nervous flyer’s worst nightmare comes true when her flight to Gibraltar is rocked by turbulent crosswinds leaving the plane swaying wildly from side to side. A teenager on his first unaccompanied flight abroad finds himself in a smoke-filled cabin as mayday strikes at 35,000 feet. A couple relive their nightmare flying into Amsterdam through the eye of a storm and there’s panic in Turkey as a group of lads find that they’ve landed at the airport only to find themselves in the midst of a terrifying military coup.

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