Vogue Williams says Send Nudes television show will be ‘empowering’

The Independent, Nicole Vassell, Wednesday 31 August 2022 10:28

Vogue Williams has spoken out about her forthcoming television series Send Nudes: Body SOS, in which people with various insecurities share naked photos for judgement from the public.

New to E4, the reality programme will feature a range of people who’ve considered altering their bodies surgically, who are then given the opportunity to see what they would look like with their desired differences using computer technology.

According to Williams, who hosts the show, the series is more about building confidence than discussing issues surrounding plastic surgery.

“It’s not a series about plastic surgery, but it is about helping people who are considering surgery because they are really self-conscious about a part of their body to the extent it’s affecting their way of life,” she said, ahead of the show’s launch on Wednesday (31 August).

“When I meet them they’re on the fence about surgery, but it’s something they’ve thought about for a long time. It’s a really empowering show and is very body positive and I think that we need some of that on TV.”

She added: “Being able to rip off the band-aid and show us what bothers them and then to send their nudes to 50 complete strangers is very brave but very empowering.”

For Williams, the programme is for anyone whose insecurities have had an effect on their life but aims to be body positive in its use of plastic surgery as a possible option to feel more confident.

Asked how the new show would fit into the current body-image debate, she said: “I think that the show for us was more about being body positive. We didn’t want it to be a negative show.

“We didn’t want to go and tell people, ‘You need plastic surgery if you want to look good or feel good about yourself’.

“We were kind of like, ‘Listen, you look good the way you are but if you really want the opinion of other people and you really want to see what you look like with the surgery (which could be really life-changing), we are going to show you all the risks and the costs’.” 

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