‎When News Goes Horribly Wrong

1x180' for Channel 5

Narrated by iconic broadcaster Moira Stuart, this 3 hour special delves into the moments on the news when things went horribly wrong.

News has been an integral part of TV schedules around the globe since the advent of time. Beamed live into our living rooms, we have all been witness to incredible stories unfolding that have shaped history. It’s what educates, informs and entertains us and we can’t get enough of it.

But when it goes wrong, it can be a nightmare for all involved. From reporters in the field up against the elements, to kids running amok in the news studio, we’ve got the whole range of bloopers and foul-ups from some of our biggest and most prestigious news programmes including BBC News, ITN and Channel 4 as well as the leading news outlets from around the world.

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