Social Media Murders – S2

Social Media Murders - The Murder of Mikey Rainsford

A young skater with a big social media following is murdered in his own home. Merseyside Police discover Snapchat holds the key to finding his killers. On April 7th 2020 in Litherland, Liverpool, 20-year-old Mikey Rainsford was packing a bag to travel to go and see his girlfriend. His father was beside him in the kitchen when two shots rang out in quick succession. Mikey’s father, Michael snr, describes the shock, terror and horror as Mikey died in his arms. For Merseyside Police the challenge is to find the murders when there appears to be no motive to help them find the suspects. Mikey was loved in the area and had no enemies.


When detectives investigated the murder, they found CCTV of two young men riding to and from the scene on what looked like some kind of electric scrambler bike. Their investigations also showed that the home of a pair of local gangsters had had a window broken that same night. Could the two things be connected? A snapchat message by the two suspects was recovered and looked like a frightening threat for revenge. However, Mikey had had nothing to do with the brick through the gangster’s window and wasn’t connected to any gang. He was simply the innocent victim.

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