When Caravan Holidays Go Horribly Wrong

1 x 90' Channel 5

As more of us seek out affordable holiday options, the popularity of Caravan Holidays is soaring with the industry worth a staggering 2 billion pounds a year. You get all the comforts of home, along with the freedom to explore whenever and wherever. But sometimes there can be a hitch in your plans as exemplified in this 90-minute special narrated by Helen Lederer.


Highlights include the driver who can’t believe her eyes when her holiday flies by for all the wrong reasons; her caravan has become detached from her car and is hurtling past her at breakneck speed on the motorway, with terrifying consequences.


A holiday proves too much to bear as a grizzly makes itself at home in a Canadian caravan park, pilfering the food and giving holidaymakers the fright of their lives. And there’s a dark cloud hanging over a holiday in Cornwall as bad weather sets in leaving a family no choice but to wade through a knee-deep torrent of rain.

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