When Holiday Flights Go Horribly Wrong

1 X 120' Channel 5

Millions of us love escaping to foreign shores in search of our dream holiday. Whether we’re jetting off long haul for a week in the blazing sunshine or hopping short haul to Europe for a bit of R&R. When our holiday flights go right, we’ll be flying high. But when they go Horribly Wrong, you’ll need to adopt the brace position!


A flight to Hawaii takes a sinister turn when a passenger looks out of the plane window only to see the engine falling apart before his very eyes. A holidaymaker returning to London Heathrow relives the horror of his plane attempting to land, not once but twice, in 100mph winds. And a passenger en route to Thailand unwittingly finds herself in the Twilight Zone when she discovers she’s the only person on the flight. But the worst is yet to come, as the plane is heading right into the eye of a deadly storm.

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